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Funcard Programmer by Diesel

I have brought some modifications to the sideburn you monomake in the zip are included following files: Rame.bmp Rows in dimension originates them of the Componenti.bmp print Disposition of the members Ponti.bmp Disposition of the ponticelli to carry out .

Download in zip

R1-R2-R3 100 ohm
R4 470 ohm
D1 5,6 v diode zener
D2 diode led (attention to the polarity)
C1 4,7 , 16 v
IC1-IC2 74HC14 with relate hooves to you 14 pins
Smart Slot Smart Card
P1 Hoof 40 pins
P2 Hoof 20 pins (not sure to what it can serve?)
Connector 25 pins Male (parallel)

N.B. dimensions PCB 70,00 x 94,00 x 1,60 (milimeter), the resistances can be of greater values until 220(ohm), cos? like the condenser. I do not think responsible if something does not work, what fairies? to your risk and danger. To manufacture the programmer? lawyer to 100%. Usatelo for scopes only educated to you and without software that renders it illegal!!!!

Have FunCard!


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